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Almost all our fruit trees available for sale are grafted. There are many reasons for this :

- Rootstocks are selected for their root system, while grafts and cultivars are chosen for the quality of their fruit.

- Grafting allows to produce fruit more rapidly than from a tree that has been obtained by seedling. This precocity is even more important with dwarfing rootstock.

Finally, if you plant the seed or the kernel of your favorite fruit in the ground, chances are the new tree will produce lesser quality fruit than the original plant. Grafting offers the advantage of maintaining consistency.

Rootstocks are offered for sale as bare root trees from April 1st to May 15th.
After May 15th, they are sold in pots for 2$ more.





Pommier nain (3,25 mètres de hauteur à maturité)           M26 6-7 mm de diamètre                4,00$

                                                                                            M26 14-17 mm de diamètre            5,00$


Pommier semi-nain (4,5 mètres de hauteur à maturité)    M106 6-7 mm de diamètre             4,00$


Pommier semi-standard (6 mètres à maturité)                  Bud 118 15-20 mm de diamètre    5,00$


Poirier semi-standard (6 mètres à maturité)                      OhxF 97 12-17 mm de diamètre    5,00$


Prunier et abricotier standard (4 à 6 mètres à maturité)    Myrobolan 4-5 mm de diamètre      3,75$

                                                                                                          12-17 mm de diamètre      5,00$


Cerisier standard ( 6 à 8 mètres à maturité)                      Mazzard 8-10 mm de diamètre       4,50$


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