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Orchard and Nursery Bord-du-Lac

Olivier Ross : Orchard Keeper and Nurseryman.

Renaud Chartier : Business administrator manager.

François Lebel : Phytotechnologiste, Arboriculteur.

Simone Chen : Collaborator and administrator:

                         Des fruits défendus.

Georges Tenza : Maintenance.


Jean-Paul Ross : Maintenance.





Address : 1530 Chemin Bord-du-lac

L'Île Bizard (Québec)

H9E 1K3 Canada


Email :

Phone Number : 514-606-3421


Call before coming to buy trees! (No need to call for U-Pick events).

You may park your vehicle next to this sign on Montée Wilson (50 meters away from Chemin Bord-du-Lac).



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