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We sell trees from our Orchard in early spring and towards the end of autumn. Aged between 4 and 5 years old, these trees should produce fruits during the year. Prices range from 40$ to 240$, taxes included.


Bare root trees* sold at  Orchard Bord-du-Lac are usually 6 feet tall. Some will bear fruit as soon as the first year after their transplantation. They are available in autumn, once the tree is in dormancy, or in spring, after soils become free of frost.



- Pear tree 35$

- Asian pear tree 35$

- Apple tree 35$

- Plum tree 35$

- Cherry tree (sweet and sour Cherry) 35$

- Fruit shrubs (3 gallon pots) 30$



After May 10th, our trees will be sold in pots for an additional amount of 10$, taxes included.


Trees less than 1 year old are available at a smaller cost.


10% discount if you purchase 10 trees or more.



Bare root trees


Unlike potbound trees sold in local Garden Centers, bare root trees are mostly sold to fruit producers. They offer many advantages :


- Transportation is made easier, there are no pots nor ground to move.

- Roots are intact and have not been pruned to fit pots.

- Trees are not traumatized by excessive manipulation. They will be planted directly from our nursery into your ground.


This is the type of transplantation we favor most.


The only inconvenient with bare root trees is that they must be planted when they are dormant*, in early spring or late autumn, with their roots kept moist until planted to avoid drying out.



* Dormant trees : Trees in a state of dormancy, resting for winter. This means they are not dead but rather they overwinter in a resting phase, with essential life processes continuing at a minimal rate.


We accept credit cards (additional fee of 3%).

At the moment we do not take debit cards.



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