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 Update 9 september 2022.

Unfortunately, there are no more plums. Figs are not ready (night too cold). We have Luscious, Golden Spice and Flemish Beauties pears to pick. The Harrow Sweet pears are not ready.

Orchard and Nursery Bord-du-Lac


U-pick event.

-Griotte cherries from July 1st.

-Garlic and Early Golden Plum July 15th.

Red and black Current. July 15th.

- Plum Crescent Red and Fofonoff. 1st of August

-Plum Toka, Superior, Burbank(red) and

Pear Ure and Aronia. August 15th.

- Mont-Royal plum, Pear and Apple. August 25.

-Sea Buckthorn and Grapes. September 1st.

- Figs (limited quantity). 5 September.

-Italian Plum, Damas and Stanley plum September 10th

-Manufacture of apple juice, date to come.

-Pawpaw tasting, date to come.

- Honey from the farm at $15 per kilo


Orchard and Nursery Bord-du-Lac is a family owned company. We specialize in growing and selling fruit trees and shrubs. We offer our expertise and consultation services to our customers.


We select the best varieties for planting a biological orchard resistant to cold climate and diseases. The varieties we offer are also known for their excellent fruit production.


You are welcome to visit the Orchard and discover the great diversity of pear trees, plum trees, cherry trees, apple trees, peach trees and many fruit shrubs like blueberries, kiwis, sea buckthorns, Saskatoon berry, table grape vines, fig trees and more !


When you visit the Orchard you may enjoy the beauty of the trees and taste their fruits. This will help you make your choice and decide which tree you'll take home ! We sell trees from the orchard and younger trees from the nursery.


If you don't have a green thumb, we also offer consultation and installation services to help you create an edible landscape. With Orchard and Nursery Bord-du-Lac you can expect to have a great fruit crop (with less work than needed for growing tomatoes) for your family and friends !

Pawpaw CBC News

Orchard and Nursery Bord-du-Lac, You Like the Fruit. Buy the Tree !

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